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PC2700 RAM settings


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Hey, I have a SOYO-P4S-645DX DRAGON Ultra and a single 512MB stick of PC2700 Memory. My board is supposed to support PC2700 memory and even has a 166x2 multiplier setting built in to the BIOS. THe bios has a cheat sheet on the CPU/RAM/AGP settings page that says I shoud be using 62hz as my AGP setting for a 133/166 CPU/RAM combo. THe problem is, it doesn't give me the option of setting it any lower than 66hz, which causes the PC to lock up when XP is loading. If I set the RAM back down to 133, all is fine. So I've got PC2700 RAM running at PC2100 speed. Help?
I don't see why a fixed 66MHz AGP speed would cause instability. Why lower it? Seems, the memory is the problem. What are the memory settings? CAS 2, 2.5...?



I agree catch...Dragon is the only mobo I would buy from Soyo, and I am buying one...in the past, Soyo has used cheap parts, and made up in quantity what they lacked in quality...



Yeah...well...supposedly, PCI runs at 1/4 of your system Bus, and AGP at 1/2...

(This is why 3DMark scores go up higher if u o/c with bus speed rather than multiplier, a few other factors, but this is the main one)
All hardware is listed by name (i.e., Soyo, Intel, GeForce) but ram is only listed by type and size. Suspect, might not be listed by name because it's something like "Great Value" ram. Could be wrong though.


Snook's right. ALWAYS use namebrand RAM, that cheap stuff is just that: Cheap. Kingston, Crucial, PNY (I wouldn't reccomend them though) and Corsair. Samsung chips have proven to be very nice, although you have a tough time finding name brands for them. (Rumor has it, Corsair is now using Samsung chips ;) ) At any rate, Snook said check the CAS timings, he's right. Also check all the settings and load a "fail safe" setting if at all possible. Oooo chow time..gotta go


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Too wierd

I tried 2x160 and it worked. Then for S&G, I tried 2x166 and it works now. I'm not sure what or why, but now its working.
Thanks anyway gents.


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