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My pc has just shutdown and won't restart properly.
to start with it couldn't find the secon HDD and would shutdown after a few minutes, now it gets as far as the black screen and gives the warning " CPU HAS OVERHEAT" or something. I cannot tell mcuh more about this as i am offshore and the wife has descibed this over the phone. Any idaes on how to fix this?

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Sounds like the cpu fan has given up. Not much you can do till you get home unless the wife is a bit savvy with replacing things inside the case.


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OK i have managed to get the pc running again, just a dusty heat sink (overheating and shutting itself down.Now for the next bit , i have a 2nd HDD which is found by the bios and in device manager. But any shortcut to this device and on the my computer list of drives and things it is not listed and cannot connect the shortcuts. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

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