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PC to TV



I'm trying to connect my PC to my TV through the S socket works ok apart from a loud humming on the sound when connected to the AV socket on my video when connected directly to the AV socket on TV everything is perfect. But I want to transfer something onto tape how to I get my VCR to tape whats on the screen when connected through AV socket on TV.
I only have one AV socket on TV and one AV socket on VCR.
I've had my pc outputting to the TV for a long time now, I get the hum too :( That is strange that your VCR doesn't have an AV in and AV out. If it just has one I guess you'll have to hook the pc to the VCR and just record blindly. Unless somebody else can offer any other advice?


The hum might be some implementation of Macrovision copy protection from either the computer or the VCR. The colors might look fine and there might not be any flicker, but that's just the randomness of macrovision, you never know what it's going to do. That would explain why the direct connection with your TV fixed the problem. Another reason might be the VCR itself, maybe the connection to it. Just the fact that you're going through the VCR to the TV is already going to degrade the quality of the video, so it's a bit expected.
I know when I hooked my computer to the vcr a while back, it just said no display was detected, twinview got auto-disabled and it ran only on the monitor.

When I plugged it into the tv, it worked fine - I thought it was a macrovision problem at the time - perhaps theres a way to stop the macrovision from working although I imagine any fix will be against forum rules as it could induce piracy in some way.
Originally posted by westy1
Is there anyway I can record back through RF
If your TV has two SCART sockets, plug the PC in thru one, and the video into the other - you may be able to record whats visible on TV then maybe? I know at my parents' house, their TV has 2 SCART sockets, and everything is daisy-chained to one SCART, and an output to the hi-fi (for surround sound through speakers mounted on wall) is plugged into SCART 2 and it works a dream.

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