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PC to AMP Music


OSNN Addict

I have just brought an Amp and Mission speakers. They work great and I can play the radio through them perfectly so they all work. I have a 3.5mm connector (from the PC sound card) that has three male phono (left sound, right sound and video), to which i have connected a lead which has two female phono to two male phono so I can plug it in to the back of the amp. Overall cable length is about 10m. I get sound through the speakers however it is very distorted.

Any ideas why its distorted? My PC speakers work fine!



Weekend DJ
Hello mav it could be many things but one problem could be that you pluged your pc into the amps phono input. If so plug it into its auxulary or cd input. Also turn down the volume on your pc it me be overdriving the input of your amp.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO

A) That cable shouldn't have 3 RCA jacks on the end, this cable is more likely for a camcorder. A proper cable should be used to prevent any risk pf damage (it could happen).

B) Don;t put the computer's volume to MAX, this includes every slider. Also, mute any inputs on the computer that you aren't using (Mic, Line In)
stereo/surround amps in most cases expect non-amplified input. Also you only need stereo > stereo as if you have a decent soundcard it can pass the extra mixing info along inthe stereo signal so the amp knows what to do if its a surround amp.

But definatley turn down the volume if you're using onboard sound or a non-creative sound card, as these often use IC based amps rather than capacitor loops and distort like its out of fashion at max output.


OSNN Addict
Yeah i know about the volume that was the first thing i checked

ohh i moved the cables to TAPE IN and its working now hmmm, i guess ill just route it through that then ... sounds good so far

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