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13 Jan 2004
Hey guys... looking to get a @22" lcd monitor that will allow me to connect my ps3 and pc at the same time...i guess both can be connected either way..but im looking for either 2 hdmi, 1 hdmi 1 dvi-d, or 2 dvi-d. i want to be able to use the ps3 in 1080p. any suggestions? i found:


but it only has 1 dvi-d connection and a d-sub which im not familiar with..

*also is there a device that will allow me to connect 2 audio sources (pc / ps3) into one "box" and allow me to switch on the fly with a switch or button? The method of connection doesn't really matter...but i was hoping to make use of the ps3 optical out...but if its impossible then it doesn't bother me.

thanks for the help guys

edit: i also found out that to be able to get 1080p on a monitor like this is for the monitor to have a "non-interlaced" feature? i know the interlaced is the i in 1080i..but could someone verify if this is true?

also...ive learned that lcd monitors are usually 16:10 instead of 16:9 which would cause the ps3 to show the image but having black bars at the bottom and top or the screen..is there anyway around this?
Not that I want to deter you from the Dell 24" but here is another option that I personally have selected for my pc/ps3 combination:


I have enjoyed this 24" for all I do PC/PS3 it has an HDMI port to connect my PS3 and speakers but I don't use the built in speakers, I hook my PS3 to optical that is provided by my Logitechs. Aside from the HDMI it also has DVI & VGA so the options are availble to you when needed. One thing that gets annoying is the touch sensitive buttons. Since the monitor is all black the buttons are not lit up so it does get annoying but after a while you tend to remember where to touch....=P
I'd say Gateway are comparible to Dell. I've used to use an awesome Gateway CRT back in the mid-late 90's :)
I live the Gateway picture better but Dell is no slouch at all :)
I also suggest what Terrahertz said. Gateway's FHD2400 rocks. Not to mention it's what.... $190 cheaper than the Dell even after the Dell's instant rebate? And you can pick it up right at Best Buy.


First i had a Gateway FPD2185W (or somethin like that) 21" widescreen. Nice monitor... but matte anti-glare finish. Upgraded to the 24" FHD2400 about... i'd say maybe a year and a half ago.... LOVE IT! Color quality is leaps and bounds better than the old Gateway (which i use as a secondary monitor.... vividness of colors of wallpapers between the two is like night and day). Plenty of inputs, built in USB hub, attractive modern designed aluminum stand. Just an all around awesome monitor.
wow thanks guys, i like that theres choices...but the dell is out of the question since the price is insane...im liking the gateway's looks and ive used a samsung and enjoyed it so its a toss up right now... newegg has the samsung listed at $419 and the gateway on their own site has it for $469. I saw that gateway also has a 22" version of this but they weren't advertising the 1080p, so i looked at the specs and it shows:

• Analog (VGA): 15-pin mini d-sub VGA
• Digital (DVI-D): 24-pin DVD-D (supports 480i, 480p, 720p). Includes HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
• Component Y Pb Pr (supports 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080p)

so does this mean that through hdmi or dvi-d i won't be able to have 1080p but if i use component Y Pb Pr, i can get 1080p?

synical33 - when you use the ps3, does it display the black bars at the top and bottom? also which speakers are you using? do they allow 2 sources to be connected at one time and have like a switch?

thanks for the help guys
ah..but im not sure on which one to get right now...im still looking at the 22" gateway...if i go to the gateway site on the page that compares all the monitors, it lists that with dvi-d i can get 720p and 1080p...but if i go to the product page for the 22", it says only 720p, and 1080p through component.. so can someone clear this up?
Honestly, i dunno. Always found it odd how they claim that a monitor that has a native resolution of 1680x1050 can support 1920x1080. My 21" was the same... except i think it said that 1080p was supported on DVI.... but if i set it to 1920x1080, i'd have to basically scroll around the desktop to see all of it.
You cant get 1080p on anything less that a 24" monitor - not enough vertical pixel rows.

If you want 1080p 24" is the smallest you can look at getting. You can get budget 24" screens but they are bare minimum. DVI, VGA, Power.
oh btw, you will get black bars - some of the higher-end screens have a "fill screen" option in the menu that will stretch to fit. Up to you to see which you prefer.
synical33 - when you use the ps3, does it display the black bars at the top and bottom? also which speakers are you using? do they allow 2 sources to be connected at one time and have like a switch?

thanks for the help guys

No black bars anywheres! On mine it uses the entire screen without any borders. As far as my speaker setup, my PS3 is hooked up to Logitech Z680's. Its an awesome set of speakers I bought about 4 years ago and they are still rockin'. Now, for your last question are you asking about the monitor source or the speaker source?
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i am now leaning towards a 24"....but i think i will need a 1:1 feature to prevent the black bars at the bottom and top during 1080p...also is there a 2.1 speaker system that will allow multiple audio sources to be connected at the same time with the ability to switch between the two on the fly? so far ive only found 5.1 systems with this ability.
uuh... LA... technically... wouldn't that be like... around 230,400, since you're losing 120 vertical pixels over 1920 pixels wide?

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