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Paulo Del Mundo

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6 Jan 2004
Hi, i was wondering if there was a program out there that you could use on your PC that has the same functions as a PDA (i.e. calendars, address books, reminders of special events, money manager, etc.). Since i don't have enough money for a PDA, i figure, since i'm on my computer all the time, i might as well invest on something for my computer, and was wondering if there was a single program that takes care of it, or will i need to use separate programs (Quicken for money, Outlook for calendar etc etc)

Any suggestions? Thanks!



Open Office does it all afaik !google open office


OSNN Captain
23 Jan 2004
well i've got a PDA and there sometimes not that good in comparison to a desktop version of things - like u can see ur appointments etc on a larger screen.

U can use 'Palm Desktop' for free even without a PDA. try it, its got the same features as a PDA, give it a shot.

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