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Here's another strange one. My friend's PC was having all kinds of probs while running Win2K. I upgraded it to XP Corp and it ran OK but for the initial boot only. When we try to reboot we only get as far as the white progress bar at the bottom of the screen. It reaches it's limit and then...nothing - it just stops there. Re-installed XP and exactly the same again. Is it likely to be a duff HD? The Win 2K had been OK for some time and then started 'acting up'.

Would be grateful for any ideas. Many Thanx.
Wait Zedric, Microsoft has a memory testing tool now called Windows Memory Dioagnistic (I think the spelling of the last word is wrong). You can get it from oca.microsoft.com I think


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It's not the memory. It's because you are using "Windows XP Corporate" with a bad key. You installed Service Pack 1 and now it won't start. That key is locked out in Service Pack 1. Your fix... Go buy a legit copy.
Yeah, using one of the blacklisted keys won't even allow you to install SP1. The service pack will never lock you out of your Windows installation.


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It certainly will install SP1... And after your first restart it does EXACTLY what he explained. And... the reason I think it's Windows XP Corporate is because he says it is in his post. I can assume as a Chemical Engineer he does not hold a license for a corporate installation of Windows XP. But, what do I know... The company I work for is only a MS Select Partner. I wouldn't have any clue about the MS licensing model, right? I was just pointing out the obvious.


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I'm going to let this go and let you continue to believe that. I know differently. I had more than enough friends call me (because they always do when they have computer problems) after they installed SP1 and this happened.


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Un4gIvEn1 please don't make assumptions about product licensing. As far as I'm aware this guy's company has licences for their Windows software. The thing being that I haven't even taken this guy's PC to the Windows update site, so regardless of whether it's a 'bent' key or not, your answer is wrong. I installed Norton AV onto the machine today and immediately got a box reporting Bloodhound W32.1 on the thing. Left it running while I was at work and found it reported 852 infected files on my return. He has to register his Norton to get the updates (not plugged into the Net at the moment) and remove some of the files. When that's done, hopefully it'll be cured. If not, I'll do the memory check as you guys suggested. Many Thanx yet again guys.


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Un4Given I just installed SP1 on a computer that I fixed because of the Blaster, and if you watch the install process, it says 'Checking against known pirated keys' or something to that effect. I don't thik it can be installed on a pirated computer. Donno, I only use legit copies (of XP :).


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Enyo, the NAV updates will only work now on registered software so I have to wait till the guy plugs it in to register. I've very little doubt that it will be a format and re-install but I'll persevere while I've got a little time to play :) I'll keep you posted (after the week in Scotland I'm about to have).:cool: BTW d/loaded a copy of the Windows Memory Diagnostic and tried it on my own machine - 100%.


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Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
I'm going to let this go and let you continue to believe that. I know differently. I had more than enough friends call me (because they always do when they have computer problems) after they installed SP1 and this happened.
Its a shame, but what you are saying is not true. Windows XP sp1 wont install on systems with bad keys, and wont lock you out. So basically you are wrong on two accounts.


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Well it looks like the virus must have been the culprit. Reformatted and installed and it's running as sweet as the proverbial (including the SP1). Muchas gracias for all the input guys. I can roll on up to Scotland now with a smile on my face. :)Dontcha just lurv this place?? ;) :) :D

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