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15 Sep 2003
Ok, I'm just wondering this. I've got 3 kids, each with their own computer that they can use. One of the hardest things to do is to drag them away from their computers "Myspace" or other sites to do stuff.

Now I'm all about using your computer, but what I'm looking for is a way to basically have my machine as an admin machine that can kill their internet browsing by the push of a button from my computer.

A: I don't want to hit the standby button on the cable modem since that would prevent me from accessing the internet.

B: I'd like to avoid cutting them off from the network itself since they might need to access a shared printer, or the music server.

C: Something that has a simple UI that I can just push a button to stop their internet surfing.

I don't want to connect VIA VNC because they'd see me doing it, and the oldest has come to realize that she can shut off a VNC program.

Any suggestions?
Are you utilising a router with blocking ?

My network has myspace et-al blocked, completely and permenantly, however I can schedule times when I want the blocking to be active, or simply head into the router admin and toggle it on or off.

One method could be to block everything with your own machine as the exception to the rule, then toggle that on and off at will.

The only other way it's going to work is running software on their machines, and if they're already figuring out how to disable VNC, then other daemons and background apps aren't going to be much of a challenge either.
Well, I am running a linksys router... I didn't want to have to use that because that can disrupt the internet connection depending on the settings that are changed.

I'm hopefully interested in some other software since they can tell when the VPN kicks in because of a flicker in the screen displaying.

I am open to other software options.

I don't care for blocking myspace out completely, just turning off the internet for however long I want, so that they get off of the computer when I want them to and want them to do things. Heck, I'd even be willing to use a timer software to allow them a period of time to work on the computer before it would log them off and lock the computer. Although, that sort of thing would require new passwords or some way to track the user logging on and being bumped off so that they wouldn't just log back into the computer and get say another hour of surfing.
Under Access Restrictions on your router - you can adjust time of day they can/can't use the internet.
I'd seriously consider the router as the appropriate option - not sure what the linksys gives you, of course, and that may be a factor, but you can always change router?

I know for a fact the NetGear router we have is highly adaptable in this respect right down to configuring specific ports to be open during particular times on particular days (so you can open it for weekends!)... this strikes me as the WTG here and it wil be "bulletproof" unless they hack into admin of the router - but if they do that they have pwned you anyway!

PS - no chance they are subscribed to this thread I hope! :D :dead: :p
my linksys has setting in the router, u can filter specific ports (80 etc) depending on the mac address of the computer + time of day.
my linksys has setting in the router, u can filter specific ports (80 etc) depending on the mac address of the computer + time of day.
'Tis exactly what I was referring to.

You can write/define different policies, save and load them at will - look under the Access Restrictions tab. I'd post a screenie but I'm away from home all this week :eek:
well - looks like we all agree here then!

What does Shepscrook say?
A router with the latest software in it does exactly what you want. Some even allow timers, etc.

The software approach would be to use netnanny et al. Many ISPs are adding these types of features to their access software also. But any software solution can be defeated by any net savy child and some adults.

For $50 go upgrade your router if the existing one does not support the advanced parental control functions. Dock the money from the kids allowances as a penalty for not doing what they were instructed to.

If the kids whine point out that if they were at a job and wasting their time surfing or going to restricted sites when they should be working they would be fired and have to find a nice cardboard box under a bridge to live in. Many Mangaers, engineers and administrators where i work have been booted for internet mis-use. You need to teach them now that rules not followed lead to financial ruin. (Yes, I'm a hard ass.)
Sheps you should be able to run vnc in stealth mode, basically it wont even show up in the processes, i know you can do this with pcanywhere.

Another solution is you could create:

Main router, connected to switch/secondary router for the kids, you run off the main router, the kids run off the switch/secondary router, this way you can shut down their internet browsing etc.. without your connection being reset, if the secondary router/switch needs to reset to accept the action. Basically creating a secondary zone for the kids, whereas you reside in the primary zone.
Smoothwall can do this. You need a spare PC to run it as a router.

I know I keep suggesting Smoothwall but its cause it's IMHO by far superior then a standard home router.
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its called "unplug the etherenet" and tell them to deal with it. If they need to print they can ask to be plugged in. No need to make the problem or the solution any more complex than it needs to be.
linksys wag54g access restrictions to give u an idea ;)


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Some good suggestions. It's mostly just the teenager that is doing this. So it would be one computer, but I wanted to be able to shut off the others so that she can't just go to them. Some very good suggestions guys.

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