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PC Mod


Heineken Man

Hey I am starting my first case mod and I was wanting to put a car cd player into it. Why you ask, well because I have a $1500 sterio system that is collecting dust on my floor. All I was wanting to know would it be possibe to run if off a power supply? I know they have an output of 12 volts DC but not sure on the amperage (not an electrician and nver claimed to be) and I have about 3 extras laying around. Thanks to all who apply in advance.


Prodigal Son
Remember that a descent Head unit puts out so many watts of power. This power could easly blow the sound card. Run a set of RCA jacks to the back of the case, say in an open slot. Then have some small speakers that are used just for the head unit. Any set of amplifyed speakers could not accept the 35 to 40 watts of power that is put out by most car units. Most Decks are a little wider then the typical 5 1/4 slot in cases, so some clever dremel work would be involved to make it look stock. Also car head units pull quite abit of power. You may have to get its own power source.

Post pics if you do it. :D


The Analog Kid
My guess would be that he wouldn't be running this thru his sound card or amplified speakers. But I love the idea.

Most head units suck up around 15 amps. But you should be able to find out in the manual or online.

I think I might just give this mod a try once I have time later this summer.


I think it would be cool just to hook up a head unit outside of you car, even using regular speakers. How could you work out the wires and stuff though? Very confusing, that mess of wires.


The Analog Kid
any head unit made in the last 7 or 8 yeears has a universal color coding system to the wire. I can probably poke around and find it out for you, just pm me if you want me to

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