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24 Sep 2002
A question for a friend, I couldn't answer!

He wants to buy and external hard drive, no problem but, he has Macbook and duel boots using Bootcamp to run Vista Ultimate as well as OSX.

Does he have the option to save files to the same external hard from either Operating systems.

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depends on the file system used, not sure if mac can handle ntfs, think it can do fat32 though, im not a mac user so not 100% sure
just tell him to format it in disk utility as (ms-dos) fat, both os's will see it then

os x can read ntfs, but cannot write to it

so it he worked on the external under vista and formatted the drive to ntsf, both os's could read, but only vista could write to it.
As long as the External Hard drive is formatted in Fat32; he should be able to see and write on both os's.
You can get MacDrive for Windows which lets it read/write HFS+ drives
Or you can get NTFS-3g (for more advanced users) and have read/write NTFS drives in Mac OS X.

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