PC keeps Rebooting


6 Apr 2002
I have two PCs running XP pro sp1, they share an ADSL 512kps Internet connection, via an Acatel speed touch usb modem. My main rig is the gateway and a use this for gaming and the other rig, P3 1.1 512 meg of Ram. for Kazza, video editing, testing stuff etc. If I leave Kazza downloading under normal conditions it is ok. But if I start to play games on the main rig it reboots itself about once every hour. It only ever happens if the second rig is downloading I have the latest BIOS and drivers and I up graded my power supply to a 350 watt approved one. Any ideas why this is happening. :confused:
Check that the fans are working properly, as overheating of your power supply is a highly likely reason for rebooting.
Other than this, I'm not too sure if there are any conflicts with your hardware/network settings between your 1st and 2nd machines.
Everything looks fine. I think is may be the USB modem, it sucks allot of juice, that is why I splashed out £60 for a good quality one. Anyone else have one of these modems? I might get a 4 port ADSL router instead.
if you think its the hub, remove it and test it for the day and see if it happens
might just be a rogue driver for something too
If I did that I could not do any downloading to create the prob in the first place. DOH!!!
I used to use the green frog (if that's the one you are using). :p
I didn't have any problem with the Alcatel Speedtouch modem that came with my ADSL sign-up pack when I used it. But my machine has had the reboot problem due to fan failure in my PSU which was overheating whenever I used the pc for over 1hr.
disable auto reboot should be the 1st reply (come on ntfs !!!)

press the windows key + Break to get system properties, from there tab to advanced. find startup and recovery and alter its settings.

the biggie now.

untick automatic restart..

now instead of rebooting the PC will give you a blue screen of death complete with error codes.

soon as you get 1 of those write down the 1st part of the error, eg. IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR...

followed by the stop error code ie.. 0x000008e

and 3rd there may be a file name at the bottom such as alcatel.sys

oh and if it is alcatel.sys its probably using the drivers off the CD, there bad drivers on the cd fyi so pop here for the latest http://www.speedtouchdsl.com/support.htm

hopefully this will get a result :)
Downloading on one rig while playing a game on the other? Doesn't seem like a 512kps connection would have enough bandwidth.
I have the latest drivers installed. I did get a blue screen a few times but I did read them, next time I will see if there is any relevant information on it. Thanks
My vote goes for overheating (psu/gfx/cpu)

What are system temps after gaming for an hour?

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