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PC freeze-up


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Hello, I bought a new Dell XPS 400, I have had problems with installing game discs from the start. Whenever I load them the 1st disc loads fine, when I put in the second disc the computer stops reponding and if you click on quit or cancel the compuer beeps and freezes, Nothing left to do but hold the power button in till it shuts off, then reboot. I first thought it was a problem with the game. I found that if I held down the left shift key while loading the subsequent discs that they would then load. But that doesn't work every time, plus I feel that I shouldn't have to do that with a new computer that costs $1,400.00, so I called the support line. I reached India, Very nice gentleman there talk to me for over an hour, Had me uninstall Norton Internet security, then try to load game. That seemed to work, as the game installed properly. He had me reinstall Norton.I.S. again, and the try to install another game. Guess what, Ya, It froze up on the second game disc again, First suggestion was to go into msconfig and and disable everthing in startup, install the game and then reinable the start up menu and reboot. Well that doesn't do it for me either. I was finally told that Dell would get back to me later to try to find a way around the problem. I never had any problems loading games on my old slow computer that I built myself. Has anyone else had these kind of problems with freeze-ups? If so were they fixed. Getting frustraited fast.


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Sounds like it might be a conflict between Norton and the app you are using for the installation.

Did they tell you when they would be getting back to you?


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Although NIS is a full featured software security suite it tends to be a headache for most. If everything works well without NIS installed I would recommend looking into alternatives for your security. Windows Live OneCare (WOC) is a work in progress but works very well.

I would highly recommend reformatting just to make sure you get rid of NIS in its entirety.


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If un-installing NIS let you install the things you need, disabling it should be just fine. The "startup" tab within MSCONFIG will not purely shut off NIS, as some of the processes run as a service. In MSCONFIG, there is a "services" tab as well. Go in there, check the box to "Hide all Microsoft Services", and then disable all of them related to NIS. If you are not sure, it is safe to disable all of them. Doing this paired with the startup tab of MSCONFIG should allow you to install what you need.

That being said, madmatt is right - if you are having this many issues NIS may not be the way to go. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the version on your program is only a 60 day trial anyways, right? Might be worth your time and frustration to skip the rest of your trial and look elsewhere.


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I'm not sure what the problem really is, I have uninstalled NIS, but still having problems with some games, I may just try to reformat and reload Windows Media center editon fresh, without all the cr*p that Dell had preinstalled on the computer. I hate having to do all the extra stuff to get a New computer to run propperly. I'm about at witts end with this stuff. What I need is to have a tech Dude come out to the house and have them check it out personally. I dought that they would agree to that though!! If I get this figured out, I will let everyone know, In the mean time, thanks for all the input. Its nice getting it from someone here in the good ole USA! Wish Dell would try it sometime!!!!!!!!!


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Hmm... Holding shift while inserting a disk keeps it from "auto-running".
I have often wondered why the disk doesnt try to auto run when you put in the 2nd disk in a multiple disk install. I assume the OS knows somehow that the program which is running is already looking for a disk.

Seems that for some reason your PC is trying to autorun the CD and for some reason doesnt "know" that the application has prompted you for one. Maybe the problem is a result of the OS trying to read the disk at the same time as the program (game)....???? Strange.....

I'd be willing to bet you could disable autorun on that drive and that would be another workaround (after all, holding shift while inserting a disk is nothing other than teporarily disabling autorun). If thats the case, the big question is what is disrupting the communication between the program and that layer of the OS?

Just a thought.
Try disabling autorun and if that works your one step closer to fixing the real problem.


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another thought.... Is there any cd or dvd burning software installed in the computer? sometimes they have some sort program that watches for newly inserted cd's. This may be causing some sort of conflict. try uninstalling any cd burning software.

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Not sure what the problem is but formatting is not always a good idea to suggest to someone, Chances are he does not even have a disc with the OS on it after all he did get a Dell.

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