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PC connected to separate LANS with 2 NICs


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I have a PC with a server program which needs to be accessed by two clients, each located on a separate LAN.


LAN1 is a production network, whereas LAN2 is ok for tests. Anyway,theymust not be merged/bridged, which would otherwise solve theproblem.

The PC has two NICs, one connected to each LAN. Now, I basicallyneedfor it to be possible for two TCP connections to exist to theserverprogram simultaneously, one from each client, on each its ownNIC. Canthis be done on Windows XP somehow, transparently to theserverprogram? There are no options for anything like this in theserverprogram's prefs, and I'm at a loss.
Please help, thanks.


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should be able to be done... Heres what I got.

1 PC, 2 nics, 2 networks..

1 network is for connecting to our main computer(secure VPN) to run a hotel app, the other nic is for general internet usage(unsecured)..

I have 1 program the requires the "secured" connection and the other is normal..

What I had to do is configure the program to look for xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ip and assign the ip to that card. Then the "Unsecured IP" I assigned the other NIC a different IP and set that up in the gateway.

Both internet (unsecured connection) and the office app (Secured VPN) both work at the same time.

To answer your question, it should be possible if your server program can be set in the config to accept and use 2 IP's


Not a monkey
Thanks for the reply, but the problem is that the server softwaredoesn't have an option for multiple IPs. I guess I'm hoping there's away to do this transparently to the software, by configuring the LANconnections in Windows XP somehow. I just have no idea where to start.

Any help is great, thanks.

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