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Before the forums got wiped, I asked a question about power consumption and someone listed some PC components and their average power usage. Is it possible I can obtain that list again? Thanks for the trouble. :)


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Interesting site. It added 25 to 289 and came up with 322...

Aside from that it is not just the Wattage rating. Power supply voltage outputs are each rated at a specific max current. Voltage times current gives you the max wattage rating.

The amount of current required on each output type has changed radically over the last few years. +12V in particular is rarely used anymore (except for fans) and what used to be on 12V is on 5V now, You need to check the current rating on the 5V and 3.3 V outputs because that's where most of the load shows up in current systems.

The el-cheapo power supplies usaully have lower 5 and 3.3 V current ratings.


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I put this excel spreadsheet together last summer. The first column is a lower end gaming computer. The second set of numbers is a higher speed gaming machine. The numbers have probably gone up since then (faster processors and video cards).

It is based on current load. Note some of my numbers match the link above and some are different. The numbers I used came from manufacturer web sites.

I then measured the loads in my computer at idle and running intensive applications (games and burn in software) in all cases the load on my power supply was well below the numbers in the attached spreadsheet.


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