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pc cases


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ok well I'm about to build a new comp and I know nothing about cases. I figured this out with a few mistakes in the past but I can't find any good information on the topic...here is what I want...
1. Simple case that looks a little like this enermax
2. Also I don't want anything fancy like a window or led lights
3. I plan on taking the psu out to put in a very good one that can handle the new 480 watt requirement of the new Nvidia 6800 Ultra
4. No Beige! (unless its No Biege!)

also if you feel up to it submit some psu recommendations


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you are basically going to be looking for an ATX case... there are a few cases out there that are extra large towers design fr the sole purpose of complying with the BTX standard that should become prevalent from near the end of the year onwards...

the general idea is to get something that suits your needs, you can either get a SFF shuttle case type thing or, my personal preference, get a massive server style case..

the reason I like server cases is SIZE, they are massive and they have rather decent air flow inside... the more space you have the easier it is for you to be working around on the inside of the device...

keep in mind the airflow design of the case... certain cases like Lian Li and Antec take special care to make sure there is good airflow over the hdd's and what not... take a look @ some of the larger cases and you will be fine :)


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ok I don't need to have expandibility I like to only have one optical drive ( maybe two but that's pushing it. also I only need to have 2 hdd's installed. One agp or pcie16x when it comes available and a few reg pci or pcie slots. I've researched sff cases but they are two risky if I want to get the next gen vcards since they require a ton of power and so far looking I think i'm going to buy this case but never really heard of the brand and read only one review from anandtech...http://anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=2011

just like to hear what the ideas of this brand and or case are


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Tuffgong4 said:
I think i'm going to buy this case
I like the look of that case, its steel but thats fine if you want a less expesive case, i think that one looks solid has some very nice features and having 120mm fans is a very nice touch :)


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yeah the biggest reason why I think I'm getting the ahanix is the space for the 120mm case fans cause they are not as loud as the 80mm fans and move more air...also the review they have on it at anandtech was really helpful and sold me on it...

thanks for everything guys it was really helpful

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