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pc case


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in a few days my new case should arrive, so i will be selling my old one, just thought i would stick it here before i put it on ebay.

The case is around 45cm in height.

it is in reallly good condition used for around one year. its free from any noticable scratches

there is room for 4 cd drives. 3 hdd's and maybe 2 floppy disks but the case front panel only allows one.

the case is that standard cream colour, the front panel is shaped and is a shiny blue with an orange light in the centre.

i'm not really sure how much i want for this so i am open to offers.

i will ship to uk only.

comes with its original box and packaging

and an LED case fan (+ some IDE/Floppy cables if needed.)

not really sure how much i would take for it so i am open to offers. p+p will roughly be £10

payments via paypal



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