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PC Case and Power Supply Question


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Hey Fo,

I'm in the market for a new case. Most of the cool ones I seen come with 300 Watt power supplys. Do I really NEED more than a 300 watt based on my system specs below? Does anyone know of a really sweet black Mid-tower ATX case that they recommend for less than 150 bones? Also, I'm seeking recommendations for motherboards. I know this is an AMD shop, but I'm not ready to throw away my 2.2 GHz P4 just because it's fasionable to do so. As such, I need recommendations for a P4 board.

Many Thanks,


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sry didnt mean to be a snob i just hate pentiujm with pation but yah thats a sweet motherboard i have a ak77 pr0 it only handles up to a 1.2 amd but its nice
i am gona build a godly pc soon im saving up 5000 dollars for one and im gonna pimpify it yes pimpify im spending every penny of that money on it too. oh yah i have a dream. Oh yah nice motherboard


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For a motherboard for the P4 2.2, I would suggest the MSI 845 Ultra. I have been using one with a P4 2.0 and had no probs with it at all.

I have just upgraded to a P4 2.4B and had to buy a new board to run the 533FSB, so I went for the MSI 845E Max2.

Or Gigabyte is another good brand that I have used over the years.

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