PatchXP, our official uxtheme.dll patcher


New to this forum, found you all here(
Also New to XP so did a search ...aaahhaa found you guys!
I downloaded the styles XP and installed it and it worked great then I did a reformat and haven't got around to installing it again since I hate installing something that only works so long. But I so
did love that "Foreverblue Theme" ( )

I love to read forums and found this patch which for me,
Works awesome! On the first install before I installed style XP I tried one of those step by step patches ..but it didn't work for some reason so I installed Styles XP. I'm now glad I did a reformat ..I hate shere were...How the heck you spell that!?3
Sorry for the babble,but hey It worked for me! Thanks mister moderator!
Hey HomeChicken welcome to the forums. Yeah that's a kewl looking style alright. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)
got your attention

I was trying to see if I could find this answer but to no avail. If you use the like in my original post of the theme forever blue i see a calander and a status monitor on the wallpaper+++in some of you all's desktop pictures in the thread OCT desktops I seen a few with the same idea. how is this done , I really like the one that forever blue shows. I also like the round dent icons you do that with a icon editor or another style?
Hi Homechicken and welcome to XP-erience :)

You can get dented icons and read o_87's tutorial on how to make your own here
I'm a bit new at this...I ran the patcher (guess I should have unzipped it first) and on reboot, explorer wouldn't
start -- missing uxtheme.dll. Hmmm. A bit of
diddling in bash (the shell) and I think I have things
patched. I'm no sure what the deal is with the
non-OEM thing. Maybe it doesn't apply to my
install since I upgraded to SP1 after the initial
If you ran PatchXP.exe before upgrading to SP1 you will need to apply the patch again.
wow this is awsome I am going to have to try it when I get home.. I never undrstood why XP has to have adif program to change themes when all the other versions you could do it as you pleased.
Please help me as i can not get this patcher to work. I have used a slide slip xp disk to sp1 and keep getting error messages withe eithe this or the one from tgtsoft.:mad:
What do you mean, "I get errors with either this one or that one"?
If you have style xp loaded it must be removed & then the patch applied.
stlye xp not even installed. the one just does work and the other just creates a error
You can only use one. I had a problem a while ago with uninstalling Plus!, it refused to go. Therefore andyp's patch would not work. I had to format then apply the patch & it worked like a dream. Try getting rid of the other one you are talking about. Completely remove it, reboot, & apply andy's patch. Then let us know what happens when you click on the msstyle file.
Where can i get this patch File now, the link doesent bring me to the right place!

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