PatchXP, our official uxtheme.dll patcher

Good stuff andyp. Just got around to trying this today on my oem home version. So simple to use. Excellent. :)
I was wondering about this patch. If this patch renames the original uxtheme dlls to uxtheme.bak, then when you run a temp file cleaner it would be deleted, as most temp file cleaners are set by default to delete .bak file extentions.

Maybe it would be a good idea to backup your original uxtheme.dll just in case. Wouldn't you say?
Windows File Protection continually reports of replaced files and requests the service pack 1 files to correct the issue. How do I stop it from asking to replace the files? Do I have to hack the registry to turn WFP off or is there a simpler way?

When that happens can't you just cancel out if it. I think that's what I did.
That's what I do. About half a dozen times a week. :( It's annoying!
how do i know if the patcher has worked, i dont know what files to replace in the c:\windows\recorces\themes folder
You don't replace any files. Have you downloaded a theme from That's the first place to start. You want a 'visual style'. When you get that let us know. btw Make sure you have no other theme manager installed before applying the patch.
yeah i have a theme file , i have the one called 10.28.02 plex xp v0.7 from this site its the longhorn theme :D i installed the patcher from this site and i got the WFP error so i jsut clicked reboot from the program , i dont know if its worked or not , and i dont have anyother theme programs on the pc.
Don't know what the WFP error is. If it is a self install theme, click on it. If it is a manual load double clcik the mss file & it should install.

Just had a look. It works OK but there is no wallpaper with it & for the icons I think you will have to swap shell files over. I've never done it.

Double click the msstyles & it should bring up display properties. From there you will have to select your own wallpaper.
the WFP error came from installing the patcher program,
iam not worried about the icons at the moment as iam sure a new theme like this one will inclued them so ppl dont have to play hunt the icon in the shell files.
thanks for the help :) i now have that longhorn look to my pc.
Hi, Just wondering, do you have to have SP1 installed in order for
this patch to work.

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