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PatchXP Help (SH*T!!)


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That doesn't look too good. I am not fimilar with patchXP, what does it do? If possible do a system restore to before you installed it.


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Now I know why I should have used System Restore :mad:

...should take people's advice more often. Anyway... that isnt helpfull... anyone got a solution?


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OEM usually means you purchased your computer with the software already loaded

I'm running XP Pro with SP1 and don't have a problem with PatchXP. My XP isn't OEM


That usually happens when the syle your using isn't really compatible with XP, or actually compatible with the Add/remove section.

Switch to a different theme, try the regular XP theme first, and see if it goes away, then use a theme that doesn't cause that error.

That's what I did anyway.



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I reinstalled SP1, and the error has gone away. It must have been a problem with the theme then, because I ran the patch and it works without the theme on.

The theme I was running was: FatalE from http://www.studio-28.tk/

Ooooh, I just found this on their site.

All my Visual Styles have a problem with SP1. When you try to open up Add/Remove Programs, you'll get this error message "Value creation failed at line 472", the problem is in the shellstyle. I need to make all the shellstyle for all the themes again. If you want you can remove the shellstyle until I made the new one.
I guess Ill give themes a miss for a while then.

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