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Password on my BIOS!! Please help!



Hey everyone, my XP is not working, and in order for me to do a scan disk and repair I need to change my BIOS to boot of a CD. However, for some reason, I have a password on my BIOS.... I did not set this, and have tried every possible password I could think of to change this.

What I need.... I need to find a way to reset or delete the password on my BIOS. Please help in anyway which you can. I have a SOYO SY-K7VTA.

I need help as soon as possible, any help would be greatly apreciated!

There should be a jumper on your board that clears your cmos. Look in your m/b manual to find it's exact location and the procedure for clearing your cmos... that will wipe the password. You can also unplug your system and remove the m/b battery... that will also clear your cmos.

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You should have a motherboard manual somewhere. Dig it out and examine the jumpers ( they normaly give a list of them )

Your looking for something along the lines of CMOS RAM CLEAR. Also they tend to give instructions on how to do this procedure. However if they don't............

turn off the system
remove power cable
locate the jumper and move it to the reset position for a few seconds
Return the jumper to normal
connect back up and go into bios


sounds like removing the battery would be the easiest option. Let me just run this by your first to ensure that I don't mess things up further. I remove the small lithum batter, then replace, then restart?

At this point the BIOS pw should be reset? If this is so, you have saved me a great deal of trouble. I would like conformation before I do this though.

As for the jumpers.... i am currently looking for the manual, and downloading it on a 28.8 as we speak... what are jumpers and what do they look like?

Thanks again,


Yeah, unplug your system, remove the battery, then take a paperclip or something to short out between the battery connections to help drain the juice.

I would suggest you go the jumper route myself... give me a minute to go look up your m/b manual and i'll explain exact procedure.


I have just taken out the battery! Now is there anything else I need do such as unplugging anything?
As long as you have it downloading i'll let you do it. A jumper is a little plastic covered dealy about 1/4" by 1/8" or so that connects two pins... if you've ever master/slaved a hard drive or CDrom... one of those things.
Yes, make sure you unplug the main power supply.

<<<< (sweating and hoping you don't leave that baby hot and accidently short something out)

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While youv'e got your head in the machine, have a look near your battery or near the the CMOS chip ( generaly with a shiny sticker on top, Award or AMI ) and see if you can see a jumper with CMOS clear written on the MB nearby. If so he's your man.


whew!! Thanks for that picture... now my final questions is... what does it mean when it says "short" it... do I have to remove that cap and replace it or does this involve touching it to metal.

I really apreciate everyones help! Once again,

shorting means you'll connect it to the two 'pins' it describes. That's what a jumper is, a little metal goomba that completes, or 'shorts' a circuit. The plastic is just an insolator to the metal in the jumper itself.

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At the moment the jp5 should be on pins 1-2 on a three pin block. Take it off and move to the other side of the block. put it back on. ( the centre pin is alway covered ) shorting just means covering two of the pins.



It works!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped!

One final question.... how do I go about making my CD ROM the first boot devise?

go into your bios by hitting 'del.' on this page (see attachment) i 'think' all you have to do is highlight the first boot device, hit enter, and it will give you a list to choose from... choose CDrom.

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