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Password Expires



When a user Password expires , we need to reboot the PC a number of time before they are informed of this. In the meantime they get logged on but do not have access to the Internet or network drives.
They are being authenitcated by a NT 4.0 Server

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You can set passwords to never expire if needed not sure what your question was or was this just a statment anyhow just in case people need to know

Passwords can be the weakest link in a computer security scheme. Strong passwords are important because password cracking tools continue to improve and the computers used to crack passwords are more powerful than ever. Network passwords that once took weeks to crack can now be cracked in hours.

Password cracking software uses one of three approaches: intelligent guessing, dictionary attacks, and automation that tries every possible combination of characters. Given enough time, the automated method can crack any password. However, it still can take months to crack a strong password.

Windows passwords can be up to 127 characters long. However, if you are using Windows XP on a network that also has computers using Windows 95 or Windows 98, consider using passwords not longer than 14 characters. Windows 95 and Windows 98 support passwords of up to 14 characters. If your password is longer, you may not be able to log on to your network from those computers.

the default on XP pro is 42 days for passwords this can be changed in the admin tools /security settings/account polcies/password policies

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