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7 Jan 2004
Will the photo printers make a legal 2 x 2 inch passport photo? I need 4 passports for the family and at 30$ per at the post office, I think I will invest in a photo printer if it will do the job. I know a printer will cost more than 120$ but is a good excuse to get me one, if it will do the job.
Not sure about the technical aspect, but with all the security around documents and such you may want to inquire if you can even print your own before buying the printer. I can see the situation coming up that the photos/documents aren't official, which could cause problems.

I have been flying a lot lately, really nuts what they do to you at the airport these days :eek:
I would get it done at a proper place which charges only a coupla bucks.

Wal-Greens will give you proper prints.
I'm in the UK and I printed off a photo for my driving licence which was accepted OK. I used an Epson R285.

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