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Passive Cooling


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And so it continues.......

In the evergoing (so it feels) task of making a silent system I am considering passive heatsinks (mainly for the GFX card and northbridge) does anybody have any recommendations was thinking of a Zalman ZM80A-HP cooler for my creative gf3ti200 card. I am also considering a Digi-Doc 5 Thermal Control Unit. Does anybody have any advice on this please ???
There are boards with passively cooled Northbridges allready, but if you don't have one... :)

The VGA cooler is probably pretty good. It's just very big. :)

For the CPU you could get one of the flower heatsinks like CNPS6000-Cu


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Had not thought about the flower style cpu heat sinks to be honest i have one of the coolermaster heatpipe silent heatsinks and thats quiter than the gfx card (2500rpm) i am not sure about that gfx passive cooler due to the fack i have ram sinks :huh:

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