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PASSING OF A GENERATION: Something to think about ...


Thanks for sharing that El Pescador! Obviously some of the younger folks with little experience in life do not share our values!


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psh young.. im old lol i apologize for my rash response before. But i dont think anyone can deny that the site needs a little work Its hard to read and i skipped alot and asumed a donation was at the bottom at the end i relize there was non.


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I respect what alot of the older generation did, but I think that alot of them did it blindly. By that I mean, lead into a unknown by a government that was concerned with itself and not the populace. Most were scarred by it and still carry the mental scars today and the result can be seen.

Again I respect their valor and sense of duty. But I feel that it was misplaced and they were misled or their hand was forced. Some did it as they had a lust for power and killing, this gave them the chance. It is unfortunate.

Please don't take this the wrong way. :)


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The truly unfortunate part is that mankind isn't fit to rule. Not by any means. People are still inharently good, but the oppertunity to take from another if there is little or no fear of repercussions leads many astray. The want for more and the pride that doesn't allow another person to check you is another downfall. You can convince many, but not all, and one rotten apple can spoil the whole lot if left. But who is to say what apple is rotten when all have some bad?

I know that man does not have the answer to problems. The last 2000 years of wars, hate, violence, greed, and every other vice propogating and becoming the norm has proven that. Yes, you might say that many things are still good, and they are. But on the whole mankind has been reaching for something better and falling short.

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