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Pass word protect ?



It's one of those mornings.:eek: I know I seen it, were is or how do I pass word protect after returning from standby or screen saver ?



the option for the screensaver is where you actually set the screensaver properties

I personnally use this

Create a Shortcut to Lock Your Computer

Leaving your computer in a hurry but you don’t want to log off? You can double-click a shortcut on your desktop to quickly lock the keyboard and display without using CTRL+ALT+DEL or a screensaver.

To create a shortcut on your desktop to lock your computer:

Right-click the desktop.
Point to New, and then click Shortcut.

The Create Shortcut Wizard opens. In the text box, type the following:
rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Click Next.

Enter a name for the shortcut. You can call it "Lock Workstation" or choose any name you like.

Click Finish.

You can also change the shortcut's icon (my personal favorite is the padlock icon in shell32.dll).

To change the icon:

Right click the shortcut and then select Properties.
Click the Shortcut tab, and then click the Change Icon button.

In the Look for icons in this file text box, type:

Click OK.

Select one of the icons from the list and then click OK

You could also give it a shortcut keystroke such CTRL+ALT+L. This would save you only one keystroke from the normal command, but it could be more convenient.


Actually, the "lock workstation" feature that waddy writes about can be engaged by holding the "windows key" and L. This is automatically present AFAIK in 2k/XP.

To engage password protection from screen saver, you just have to check the "On resume, display Welcome screen" checkbox under screen saver settings.


Never Mind this.

Waddy, Is it going to ask for a password by doing this method ? I'm the only one on this machine and never have set up passwords on it yet.



OK got it done also enabled passwords. However I'm getting the following error trying what Waddy advised. I missed something up some where, but then again wouldn't be the first time.

Error in user 32.dll
Missing entry: lock work station

Thanks dllb

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