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My notebook computer has a 2.4GHz P4 with 512MB memory and is running XP Pro. I have partitioned the 40 GB drive into a 18GB partition (C:) for the OS and a 20GB for everything else.

About once a week, for no apparent reason it suddenly starts running dead slow because something!! is making the CPU run continuously at about 95%. Crtl-alt-del tells me only that the system is usuing around 95% of the CPU.

Each time I repair or reinstall the OS.

It happened again yesterday and I reformatted partition C. Now I have the system back up on C but the OS does not "see" the other partition.

HoW can I activate this other partition?

Any ideas on why I get these regular slow downs (15 minutes to laod OS and about 10 minutes to open Word.

many thanks.
can partition magic view the partitions? if so, it can tell you if it is corrupt. I sometimes get a slow down on start up with the same thing you are talking about, when i retart its fine. soo try that. do you know what application is causeing all that usage? Under Processes?

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