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I need help.

I just reformatted my hard drive, and thought "ill make a 30GB partition for storing MP3s and movies on".

Thing is, the 30GB one is now what windows is running on.

I want the small partition to be C, with all my windows files on, and My Documents folder, etc... and I want the 30GB one to be called 'X' or something, which will be for storage.

Do I need to reformat or what?

I aint got a clue. I have attached a screenshot incase you dont understand what Im saying.


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How exactly would I "repartition"? Would I just put my XP disc back in and reboot? Does this mean having to reinstall Windows again?


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Downloading it now...

How exactly do I "Set the 10GB partition to be the primary and the 30GB to be the logical extended partition"? Is it pretty straight-forward?


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In my opinion, PartitionMagic makes it pretty straightforward. I've done quite a bit with the program, and I've never read any instructions or anything. I doubt you'll have much trouble. What you're doing is a good idea though, I've done something similar myself and I recommend it. :)


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ok, i've used partiton magic before, but one thing always makes me wonder. Is it possible to adjust the size and maybe even the drive letter without completely messin up the computer?


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Yes to both... I think. I know for sure that changing drive letters is a breeze. Say you had a D: and E: and you wanted to switch the letters. Do this:
1) Change D: to some random letter, say H:
2) D: is now open, so change E: to D:
3) E: is now open, so change H: to E:
4) Tell PartitionMagic to apply all of the changes
This should take maybe 5 minutes max. I've done it several times with no problems.
As far as resizing is concerned, I would need to be sitting down in front of the app to give you more info. The machine I'm on right now doesn't have the program. I will say that I'm pretty sure it is safe and easy though.


What I would do is change the drive letters beforehand using the built in computer management utility. That way you can assign the drive letters when you use partition magic. Just my opinion.



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I changed drive letters last night.

All fuct up and I reformatted again.

Forgot what the error was though :eek: :confused:

Its probably safe to just change my 40GB drive into 8GB primary and the rest logical, yes? Aslong as Im not messing around, changing primary drive to logical n that?
be sure that if you change the drive letters run drivemapper afterwards. Drivemapper will search for any thing that is reffering to the old driveletter and change it to the new letter. this way your pc wont get messed up.
resizing of partitions and moving them is quite simple with pm8. Just select the partitiion you wanna resize or move in the left menu you will beg iven the option to reisze or move and a handy wizard will po-up guiding you through the process :) and afterwards run drivemapper and everything should be fine


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Originally posted by ElementalDragon
Sboulema, would what i'm tryin to do work kinda easily? i'm just gettin sick of switching everything over to D:/program files.
You don't have to change the install path every time. There is a registry entry that you can change so that the default path points to D:/Program Files.

Open your registry and find the key below:

Change the value of "ProgramFilesDir" and "CommonFilesDir" to the desired Program Files and Common Files directories.

Restart Windows for the change to take effect.

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