I have a PB its about partitionmagic 7.0 i dont get it to work
now i need a new software that works the same way

I need to resize a partition and make it biger and i dont want to lose any data.


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I have been using Powerquest Partition Magic 6 & 7 for quite some time now and I have never had a problem with either of them. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that it all comes back to "RTFM" (Read The F****ng Manual".
Persist with the program and do your homework and I think you will find that it can do the job for you.
Kind Regards Jim.


the problem is that i cant acsess my 2 HDD
it hapend when i installed linux mandrake and now i cant do anything i have re istalled it

The error is 105 or 109 if enyone know about that one guess not

i need help or another produkt (software program)

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Yes I know what you mean, I have had this error before. I can tell you how to stop it happening again. If you install Linux, dont allow it to make partitions, do it with PM7 first. Sorry I cant be anymore help
Not sure it can handle NTFS. The NTFS standard isn't very open to the public you know.

1. Start up the X-server (with KDE or Gnome or whaterver). Use "startx" if it doesn't do it when you start up.
2. Run Harddrake (Configuration > Hardware > Harddrake)
3. Choose disks, your drive and press "Run configuration tool"

You must unmount the partition before you can change it. You cannot change the root (/) partition.

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