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Partition Program


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Which partitioning program is safe? As in will not delete/erase all my data?

I have Partition Wizard at the moment and was about to do it, but seems like it formats everything....



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Can anyone confirm if Partition Wizard is safe? I'd rather not install an extra program for no reason :)


The Analog Kid
I just used Easus Partition Manager this week on Windows 7 with no problems. Shrunk the boot partition from 465 GB to 120 GB and then created a new partition in the free space.


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Should a partition manager ask to reboot to complete it? Because drive is in use. Is that normal?

American Zombie

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Should not take long unless you are trying to move unmovable files...

...if you resize in the area of the MBR your system will no longer boot.

I just use gparted as I can view what may happen before I commit.


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Its still at that part, should I hit the reset button?

Can you install an OS on a logical drive? I totally forget.
Can take a while depending on the amount of data needing to be moved in the shrink/merge.

There are no unmovable files when windows isn't running. I'd either go to bed or watch a movie or two.


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Yeah, never stop a partition program while it i progress, unless it tells you to. You can lose everything.

As for Partition programs, the only one I will use is acronis disk director. Then I haven't used one in a long time, either.

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