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This is kind of off topic, but does anyone know hot to install windows 98 on a secondary partition? Does it have to be on the main partition, I have winXP, on my first partition, and want 98 on my second. Can this be done? Thanx in advance.
Which version of XP are you running? Home or Pro? If it's Pro, you can do it, but your going to have to reinstall XP, since installing 98 is going to mess things up with your drive. If memory serves me right, it wipes you MBR, so basically, your computer doesn't see whatever other OS you had on. Also, I believe that you must have 9x on your bootable partition.

So, if your using XP Pro, you'll need to install 98 on your bootable partition, then install XP Pro on a secondary partition. Once XP Pro is installed, you'll get the NT boot manager giving you the option to boot in 98 or XP.

If you want to run XP Home and 98, then you might run into some trouble. You will need some third party boot manager to do this, and if both 98 and XP Home have to be in the bootable partition, then your going to have to install them in the same partition which could be problematic. If that's what you're going to do, I'd recommend you install them in different Windows directories, for example, C:\Windows for 98, and C:\WinXP for XP.
my plan was to keep winxp on my C: partition, and with Partition Magic 7 I set up a D: partition that is also bottable (I loaded win2k on it, and it gave me the nt boot manager screen). So there isn't a way to put it on my D: partition. Damnit, thanx anywayz, I can always count on these forums!:D :D :D :D :D
You have one or two other options. 1: if you have the space, make an image of your NT partition and drop it on the 2nd partition. Then install win98 (which will only go into your C: drive/primary partition) and run a repair install of XP, which should reset the boot manager. Another thing you could do is find a 2nd hard drive and put 98 on that with it set to the master on the primary controller (maybe unplug the XP drive just to make sure 98 doesn't fuX0r it) then switch the drives to make XP primary again, then edit the NT boot manager's ini file (or whatever it is) to show win98 on the boot menu...

Not sure if that'll work for you or not. It's been a long time since I've tried any of this and I can tell you I messed it up more times than I did it right.
How t ocreate a partition?

How the hell do u create a partition anywayz:D :D :D
I had Partation Magic 6.0 but thaz not compatible with WinXP, can anyone plz help?



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