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Partition problem



I got a major partition problem. I want to merge to of my partition's with partition magic 7 but it won't do it. It keeps rebooting and rebooting.
Al already formated the partition I wanted to merge but still nothing. I ran diskscan. Still nothing.
Can someboy help me.
It's not booting into your OS at all? Or are you able to interupt the rebooting and get in? If you can get in, backup your important stuff and go the fdisk route... I don't know what to tell you about the loop you're stuck in.


Does it reboot only when you try to execute the partition merge in PM or are you, as Lonman asks, in a continuing reboot? If the former, please provide some info on the partitions, file system for each partition (FAT, NTFS), how large they are, how many OS's, what's on each partion, what the system looks like, etc. If the latter, then you may just want to reformat and start all over, installing PM early on and creating your partitions before installing all the extraneous software.


I got 4 partition's. All FAT 32. Only one OS on C total GB is 12.96.
Windows about 5.20, Music (now) 1,2 Games (now 2,5) and back-up 3,86.
I dunno when it reboots casue for some reason my Winxp Boot logo has disappeared and i only see a black screen with a grey bar below. But I know when it's not working cause the comp isn't busy then it's busy for 10 sec. You would think then it's working. Then it's silent again. En it reboots.

I just tried deleting some partition's and merging the last two but still it wouldn't. Then i tried it with two others. That did work. SO the main prolbem is C: drive.


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this might sound silly but did you do a chkdsk/fix on the c:
I always do a chkdsk and defrag before merging or screwing around with my partitions

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