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Partition Magic

I got a 120gb hard drive and 25gb free and i wana make a image of my old h/d on to that 25 gb

On the 120gb h/d is stuff i need so i dunno if i can just make a 20gb partition with out loseing whats on there which i need??

How would i do it? :)


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strange how you title the thread partition magic - because Partition Magic will do that very straightforwardly - creating partitins will not loose any data. You'd just need to resize the existing partition (I am assuming the 120GB drive is all one partition) down to free up the required amount for the old H/D - then you can create a partition to take the data there - then mount the old HD as a slave and then copy all you want, or even everything if that's what you need, over to the partition.

Cannot help asking though, why not just keep your old HD as a slave?
You can not "image" the old drive since it is a boot drive (I'm assuming it was your boot drive before) and windows will not tolerate 2 boot partitions for the same OS on one disk.

You can do as MainFrame suggests to save the data (resize partiton and copy from old to new). You could also use the Partition MAgic "backup" command to move the data.
Mainframeguy said:
Cannot help asking though, why not just keep your old HD as a slave?
Cause Windows is on the old 1 on a 3gb part Partition cause i got the Computer from Pc World and if anything happens of to PC and wil need it fixin easier just to take out the new h/d and not touchin old 1


Will try what 1 of you said when read it propley


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