Partition Magic 7?


Mr Dead

Can I use the "copy partition" option in partition magic to clone my primary hard drive (only 1 partition) to a raid setup and then set that as the primary drive?

Mr Dead

Yes I currently have a 60 gig 5400 rpm hard drive and am upgrading to 2 60 gig 7200 rpm raid 0 for the primary drive. The original 5400 drive will then be formatted and used to store dvd images. I want the raid 0 setup to speed up my dvd production (takes for ever on 5400 rpm drive when dvd maestro checks 4 gig video files!!)


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Mr Dead,

Check out this thread I posted a while back - very useful feedback from Zedric et al.

Which HDD - speed essential...

If the guys who helped me don't chip in on your question PM them or somthing coz I'm sure they'd know the answers.

Me I've been using PM 7 for a while and it does have the capacity for creating bootable partitions etc.. but not having used it in a RAID environment I couldn't say for sure.

I got you message Mubbers so here I am. :)
Well I'm not an expert on PM, but I guess partitioning is partitioning. Here's how I'd do/try it:
1. Set up the RAID array and partition it.
2. Clone the old drive partition onto the new one.
3. Swap the drives around (set the RAID array as first boot in BIOS).

Some advice though. If I were you I wouldn't run the system on the RAID array. RAID 0 is way to unsafe. If you have the money to get another 7200 drive, do that. If you don't I can't tell you which is best since a 5400 drive is so much slower than the RAID that it may well make up for the extra risks.

If you decide to have the RAID only as encoding space, you won't loose any encoding performance (may even be a bit faster).

Well it's up to you, good luck!


I had similar ideas of using raid, but when I realized that PartitionMagic does NOT work with raid setups I gave up on raid, as I appreciate the back-up possibilties one has with ParitionMagic.
By the way, as I mentioned in a new thread, to which nobody answered so far, the copy function of my PM installation is faded out, and I don't know why, so again, I can't back up my drive C.


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I use PM7 quite a bit, but I'm not at home just now so I can't look at it for a coupla days. Bump this thread in maybe a week if I don't get back.


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