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27 Feb 2007
hello dear fellows........

i have copied my important data from one hard disk to the second hard disk (after making the partition in the second hard disk), and then i keep that second hard disk very safe in table but not in the computer, after few days when i plug that second hard disk into my computer then i was shocked to know that there was no partition in that hard disk.

What can I do now???????
I would check what NLM said, sounds like it is just not picking up the drive right, had it happen to me in the past.
Yeah I would approach it from a flow-chart type method. Check the BIOS first, be sure the PC is seeing it. Check jumpers on the drive, incase anything changed in whatever your setup is. Check Disk Management to be sure it's showing up, but if you have to format it DON'T - use GetDataBack first as AZ stated to recover data. Technically you still could if you format, but it's not recommended.

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