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Partition Improperly Dismounted!



Hey Ppl!
I've got one hard disk of 20 GB, holding 2 partitions (C & D). C holds windows 98, and is fat32, while D holds Win Xp pro and is NTFS. C is working fine, but when i run a check on D through Partition Magic (booting in Win 98), i get an error saying "partition
improperly dismounted"! Trying to run the check was harrowing enough! And now i dont know how to fix that problem! Powerquest site suggested running scandisk or chkdsk /f to get rid of it, but being ntfs, Win 98 doesn't read the drive. When i try converting it back to Fat32, it gives the same error! Any help would be appreciated. The problems due to this error are basically hanging of apps and games. Even winamp hung!!!
Desperate to get this comp to it's peak!


Partition Magic with W98 and XP


for your problem which version of partition magic are you using to ?

If the version is under 6.0 Pro, it's normal that you have this problem, it's a bug into EXE of partition magic. Unfortunetly, there is no patch to correct this.
Maybe, when you dismount the partition you missed to declare an partition active as XP for example. Or try scandisk before or now to correct bad clusters. Instead of those corrects you have already the problem, is the XP partition is after 1024 Cylinders. So the solution final , if you can is backup important files that you create, then format again the first partition in fat32 , with erase security option. Then declare this one active and principal. tada !!
Normally, you can reinstall win98 !! Becareful, normally it's recommended to install win98 before XP, to avoid boot erase for XP . The best solution is to backup disk on removable media or on a blank disk, then deleted all partitions, and recreate the partition after operation of destructions.

For more info visit www.powerquest.com


oh yeah....sorry!:p
I'm using partition magic 7.
and another question, if i backup my data on cd, can i restore it even if i have completely formatted the hard disk?


Partition Magic with W98 and XP

So you have the version 7, is this version is complete registered or this version are cracked ??? Do you have an EXE whose name is XMNT2001.EXE ??? If not it's normal that you can't do some operations normally on your disk. For you Backup CD, you can after format the disks, put this on a hard drive. You may boot with a 98 Boot Disk for CD Detection or other. Then using Ghost, or other utilities you can copy all datas from a cd to a disk, boot included.

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