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Partition help




Im going to format my laptop next week and I want to make 2 partitions, 1 for windows and another for everything else.

I think Ill use partition magic 8, do you recommend it? Also, is it possible to install XP Pro and after its done install partition magic and divide the drive or do I have to do something else?

Last question, Ive been reading here that some people put their page file or something on the windows partition. How do I do that?

edit: Is there a good guide that could help me with this?



Penguin Rancher
Partition Magic in my opinion is the best program on the market for easily partitioning your hard drive.

Install Windows
Install Partition Magic
Resize partitions the way you want. Hit apply. and restart

Thats basically the extent of what you have to do to split your drive.


As for your pagefile. This is how to change it, But if you are not sure about what you are doing after you read this, its best left alone. Or find a more in depth tutorial first.

Right click on My Computer / Properties

Advanced Tab / Performance

(different) Advanced Tab / Change (virtual Memory)

You will see all your partitions and/or drives in this list.
By default your pagefile is on the same drive as Windows. Most commonly C.

You will get better performance if you move the pagefile to another partition or faster drive.

Just choose NO page file on your main drive.
And go to a new drive and set new parameters or let the system manage your page file.


Can't see what you need Partition Magic for. You now have only one partition and you are going to format this, right?
Just boot to the Windows XP cd and during setup create the partitions you want.


So I can boot into the XP cd and create 2 partitions (both NTFS)? But how do I choose which one to install windows on?

And how will I know how big to make the windows partition?



Find a step by step tutorial on how to install XP here

During setup just follow the onscreen instructions carefully, they are self explanatory.

For the size of the Windows partition (remember that you have to type in the size in Megabytes) - this depends on what you plan to put in this partition and how many programs you will install, if the programs will be on this partition. Personally I wouldn't install XP on anything less than 5 Gb = 5120 Mb.

You can also create just one partition during setup and leave the rest unpartitioned. After install then use diskmgmt.msc (type this in Start - Run) to partition and format it.


Thanks, do you recommend installing programs on the windows partition or on the other one?
i keep my windows partition only for windows all my programs are on my second partition. so that when xp screws up you only have to reinstall xp and not all your programs. some apps stillneed to be reinstalled because of the missing registry info but most stuff still runs.


Ok, but if use partition magic will the partitions still stay since I format the windows one? Do I have to keep partition magic after Im done with the partitions or can I uninstall it?


Personally I have programs that need an installation, the majority, on the Windows partition, and the rest on another one.
Reason if you reinstall Windows most of the programs on other partitions wouldn't work any longer anyway because the registry settings are missing. So I keep these on the same partition, and if I reinstall, what I rarely do btw, I can just wipe out this partition and reinstall Windows and applications and don't have not working things on the rest of the drive.
Originally posted by PlagueWielder
Ok, but if use partition magic will the partitions still stay since I format the windows one? Do I have to keep partition magic after Im done with the partitions or can I uninstall it?
format will never change the partitions only fdisk will do this. so once you made the partitions you can uninstall pm

Perris Calderon

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I'm with yoyo on ywhere your apps belong.

there's an improvement in performance, file optimization, seek times, etc when the apps are on the same partition as the os.

un addition, if I reformat, I want a total fresh installation...this includes my applications

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