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29 Jul 2002
6,344 friends computer is so messed up its not even funny. He has pop ups every 10 seconds once he sign online. Its really bad...i tried ad-ware and some other programs but all the pop ups come back and stupid programs get installed on his pc. But i am gonna format his computer and crap and i was wondering is there anyway i can put his music on a partition? or would i have to back it all up on cd?
Unless your friend had extremely good planning and created a nice amount of empty, un-formatted space at the end of his drive, then the only way to actually create another partition would be with a tool such as PartitionMagic which will re-size (in this case, shrink) the main partition, to amend the drive, leaving a nice slab of free space at the end. You can then format this space and voilla, a seperate partition.

However, as you can imagine, re-sizing active partitions is basically, not recommended. I will add that I've done it myself and resized an NTFS drive before now with no data loss, but it can't be guaranteed.

If you want to stay on the safe side, go with CD-RW/CD-R backups. If the music can just be ripped again (and other data isn't important/doesn't need backing-up), then take the risk and re-size the drive :)
Alright...thanks. I think i might try partitioning it.
As Speedy said, its a bit risky, I screwed up my partitioning trying to do it, and ended up having to format everything... luckily I make backups onto other computers on my network.
well...he has a 40gb hard drive with only bout have used. Couldn't i just stick in the xp cd and make a partition that way?
Like speedy said, that would only work if the hard drive has UNPARTITIONED space on the end. If its a 40gb drive and the whole 40gb is available to XP then there is no free, unpartitioned space on the end. The only options XP gives you when you start up with it is to create or destroy partitions. Needless to say, you cant create a new partition in already partitioned space. You would have to use partitionmagic or backup to CD, those are the only two real options. Is there no way of networking the comp to say, a laptop, where you can dump all the music before it gets formatted?
hmmm...i might just back them up on cd then. Thanks for the help

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