Parking Ticket

EP, why can't you be this eloquent on IRC?

Btw, when do we have our next session on CS:S? I LOVED the fact that the other guys were pissed off we were pwning them AND had accents ;)

Shoulda heard the blokes after you left.

Listen closely.



Mmmmm, beer, now there is a temporary solution!!!
Saz: I wasn't sure if I was allowed to swear alot or not, so it was distracting trying not to :p
Saz: I wasn't sure if I was allowed to swear alot or not, so it was distracting trying not to :p

On that server, you can do whatever you want pretty much :)

You should check out what the one and only server admin get upto sometimes ;)

Maybe we'll play again this weekend.
Heading down to London tonight, but might be around Sunday evening on a machine that could cope!
That's cool. I'll probably be at the lake or floating a river this saturday :)

Have to work on my tan and all that jazz :cool:
My understanding of this situation is that the ticket you purchased must be displayed in a position that is “reasonably” viewable by the “officer” issuing the parking ticket given the prevailing circumstances. The fact that you may be able to prove you purchased one before the offence was recorded is irrelevant.

There have been many cases where (for instance) the driver left his window slightly open and the parking permit had blown on to the car floor but the offence is not displaying the purchased parking permit not failing to purchase it in the first place.

Unless you can prove that the permit you purchased was not displayed because of “an act of god” or find an irregularity in either the process of issuing the summons or any contained paperwork then your case will fail.

I would state in writing that you did purchase a ticket but after you parked the car and forgot to display it, they might take a lenient view.

No, let me have fun with her. He can have fun with the ticket.
isn't the girl a blow up doll?

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Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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