Parking Ticket

Not quite, we have parking meters and also car parks with ticket machines. In both cases (usually) instead of putting 'time' on a meter, you buy a ticket from the machine with, for example, 2 hours 'time' on it. You then display this ticket on your dashboard so the traffic wardens who come to inspect your car can see that you have paid up until, for example, 4pm.
I hate metered parking. It costs 15 quarters for two hours.
Slight follow-up.
Seems my letter was recieved on the 25th of April, had it been recieved on or after the 26th of April I would have been charged another £30 as it would have passed the 14 days of being busted performing my highly illegal act.

Sadly, because I deducted the cost of the stamp and the ticket. It seems I didn't pay the original £30 so I now owe £31.87 which if not paid will increase it by another £30 and then if I don't pay I will have to go to Northampton County Court (where I suspect my little game will cease to be fun)

But that time has not yet come, so I will next authorise the payment of £31.87 on the condition that they send me my ticket back. Only fair isn't it?

Seriously considering writing "hope you are having as much fun as I am" at the bottom.
I highly recommend adding eau de dead midget to the document before mailing.

I've heard that all your wishes come true if the person you send it to catches a whiff and doesn't gag all over the paper.
I think saz has a couple cases that he would be willing to sell for cheap..
Cheap? I inquired and it wasn't cheap.
I got some ball sweat I could add for free. :D
Penalty Charge Notice No SA75105588
Vehicle Index No P316URG
17th May 2007

Hey Miss E,

How are you today? Still waiting for Friday here – but the week is going fairly quickly so won’t be too long. Alas down to business!

Seems my fun and games have cost me another £31.87 which is worth it considering the amusing story I have been able to tell, but I don’t really want to spend a day off in court as I tend to enjoy those days either illegally parking in Salisbury or staying in bed, so considering paying this off.

You can use the same account details as before of course and it would be super if you could send the ticket I paper clipped to my last letter back to me as it doesn’t seem to have been any use to the situation but ultimately did cost me £1.50 so I might as well do something with it.

Here is to hoping you haven’t thrown it away as it would mean a lot to me.
Hope you are enjoying yourself as much as I am – sincerely,

There you go! :)
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LOL. There is something wrong with you =]
i see a 100 quid fine coming on from council employees with no sense of humour :)
EP, why can't you be this eloquent on IRC?

Btw, when do we have our next session on CS:S? I LOVED the fact that the other guys were pissed off we were pwning them AND had accents ;)

Shoulda heard the blokes after you left.

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