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2 Dec 2001
Hmm, so two weeks ago I parked in Salisbury central car park and popped into Subway to get a delicious grilled BMT, slight tangent but it adds to the flavour.

On my way out I noticed that there was a traffic warden stood next to my car. Obviously I was too late to get over there and innocently look like I had just purchased a ticket especially with several subway bags in my arms.

So I sat on a bench watching the traffic warden writing me a ticket while eating my lunch, he didn't seem to be doing anything so I did run over and buy a ticket in the end, still feeling guilty I didn't want to talk to the traffic warden until he had left and he was there a few minutes (which is best practice I guess, I might have been fond of a particular parking ticket machine and wandered over to the other end of the city for that one or something equally implausable.)

Anyway, he eventually left and I was able to get in my car and burn off. I don't know if the look of suprise on the traffic wardens face was because he had just seen the bloke sat next to the car he had just ticketed (and made no effort to beg him not to print a ticket) or because I hadn't bothered to actually take off the ticket.

Seems it was one of my life long dreams to drive around the city with the ticket still stuck to my windscreen. If you have a similar dream, I am sad to report it just isn't as satisfying as you might hope.

I appreciate I could have driven off before the fellah gave me the ticket, but I am not that kind of person, maybe I should have done things differently - who knows?

Anyway, I did buy a ticket and upon inspection it seems I bought this ticket on minute before he wrote the penalty. I let it sit in my drawer for two weeks, common practice when I have to do something within two weeks, then decided to write a nice letter.

Had 3 of these tickets in my lifetime, the first I did nothing about, 2nd I waited 2 months before paying the 2 week "half-price" fine and now this, its all a bit of an experiment. Now that its posted I hope I get someone at the office with a sense of humour and hopefully they will delete this silly fine.


Just a note, that while my handwriting is poor, I may have been stepping it up a notch and maybe I chose the wrong branded paper to use! Obscured the first bit of the letter, but forgotten what it said anyway.


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You would have been within your rights to jump in and drive off - the ticket isn't valid until it's been placed on your windscreen! I'd love to do that just to see the look on the warden's face as he chases me down the street!
They will try and get you for not displaying it, even if you brought it :p
This is the first thread I read this morning and like your eBay thread it made me chuckle. Good luck with a resolution.
They have to have a proper appeals channel.

I mean, don't they employ druids or something?

:cool: Sorry, was watching Eddie Izzard, the bit bout the druids was fresh in the mind.

Salisbury plains, they're all a bit "aaaaa aaaa aaaah aaaaaaaaaahhhh !!!" :smoker:
Damn right, I am being dragged to summer solstice this year too.
But I won't have to sleep in a tent as I only live down the road.
I'm might be a bit naive, but... u work with/for MoD???
You brits are a bit odd.

Then I imagine you feel the same about us. But I do agree, it does seem very daring to drive around with a ticket under your wipers, letting other cops know you are breaking the law. :D
Well I was mostly after reactions from people seeing in the street seeing it, but I was running late for getting back to work so had to rush ruining the erm, thing.
hmmmm...since when is a windshield called a wide screen?
Damn right, I am being dragged to summer solstice this year too.
But I won't have to sleep in a tent as I only live down the road.

That sounds like a direct dare to streak the solstice in blue paint.:laugh:
They will try and get you for not displaying it, even if you brought it :p
I had that once, I think it had blown off of my dashboard. I did get off the penalty when I sent the ticket to them, but got a snotty letter back about how the terms state that I should display a ticket and they they didn't have to cancel the penalty but they woul as a goodwill gesture blah blah.... :s

Now have a council permit attached to my windscreen so can park in any of the council car parks in Norwich without having to buy a ticket :D
I'd like to understand this. You have tickets for parking on the streets instead of parking meters?

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