Paperport 7



Have installed above proggie and for the life of me can't get it to work on XP
Tried service packs.compatibity mode still nuthin
Anybody help?:confused:
I don't know how to get the program to work for you. I'm taking a guess you have a Visioneer scanner. If the scanner drivers installed ok, you can use other programs to scan with. Try "Paint" and see if you can acquire your images through it. Many Graphics programs have the ability to acquire images from scanners, experiment around.

If your software came with the scanner, contact Visioneer and ask them if they have a patch available for it to run in XP.

nope got an epson scanner all other progs work fine just this one wont work at all.Just get the "send error report"thingy then XP shuts it down b4 it starts
Known problems...

with both Visioneer Scanners and PaperPort. I banged my head against the wall for an entire weekend. Gave up on the Visioneer Scanner, XP not supported Visioneer(some Models). PaperPort was another story. Try opening Word: Insert:picture>From Scanner or Camera. It worked for me, rather than opening PaperPort, use acquire image in each program.

Hope it helps.

I am using Paperport and a Visioneer scanner under XP Pro with no problems (yet?).

In the Help/About section of Paperport the version is listed as: Deluxe

If I'm not mistaken, I downloaded this update from the Visioneer website.

Good luck!

Download the Morpheus software and then do a search for Paperport Version 8, download and bingo it is really great within XP. Best of all it's free!!:D
Thanx Need Code

Lovely info downloaded proggie but need seriel no
Paperport 8

Paulipops, here is the serial no:-

6809A G00 524745

Enjoy Paperport 8, it's the dogs bo****ks

A very Merry Christmas to you.
Paperport 8

Don't tell she who must be obayed, otherwise she'll kill me!!!!!!!!

Hoping your Christmas is going well


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