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Paperless Office (anyone remember)

Maybe it’s me living in a dreamland as only fifteen years ago I was informed that the “paperless office” was just round the corner and that computers (the new micro-chips) would implement this easly. In fact the exact opposite has occurred, there’s more paper in the average office now than anyone can ever read.

Computer “geeks” are still treated with distrust and intolerance. People who have tried to understand the technology or (even worse) actually implemented workplace solutions are almost universally frowned upon almost as a type of heresy. Modern industry is still outsourcing most computer based solutions to particular company based issues as they think that they can’t afford to implement it in-house because they have no experts, I wonder why?

If you polled all directors of all companies (or board members) in all corporations in the Western Hemisphere I’d reckon on less than 1% being computer literate. This does not bode well for the future. This could also apply to all politicians, civil servants and military leaders everywhere. Some can’t even use any sort of word processor because they can’t find out how to switch the computer on in the first place without first phoning home to speak to their children.

Anyway how do you keep your kit so clean and tidy? Mines like a bomb-site even on a good day and yes by the biggest speakers you can. It makes all the difference in out-sourcing your sounds.

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I guess they meant the paperless generation is just around the corner, the only things I have on paper, other than old coursework and real books, can fit into a black portfolio.

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