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Paperless Environment

Is there a way to insert a file into multiple folders. Recently were have moved to a paperless environment and maintainance is proving to be quite cumbersome. I have a document that all folders in the online file cabinet need to have.

Any help would be great


Andrew Toro
copy and paste?

in unix its easy but windows command prompt doesnt have the same power - you may be able to come up with something in vbscript and pop it through wsh...
well that is good to know it can be done but my vb skills are non existent as of now... I will those be taking a VB course in the fall so now I am really excited.

Any more ideas......
It doesn't have to be VB as such. Most languages worth their name could probably do this, it's just a matter of how easy it is. ;)
I was jsut thinking that windows comes with a vbscript/jscript interpreter inthe form of windows scripting host.

its not as easy as the following unix shell command but still

for a in ` find . -type d` ; do cp blah.doc $a ; done ;
Yeah, WSH is rather complicated, unfortunately. If you don't mind doing it, you can install Services for UNIX, which is Microsoft provides as a free download. It's based on OpenBSD and installs a bunch of shells (ksh, csh, and you can also install bash later) and the UNIX utilities. As Lord pointed out, the UNIX tools are very powerful, and installing SFU under Windows will give you the best of both worlds. :)

Longhorn's file and folder organization capabilities are really cool, and you'd be able to do stuff like this effortlessly without even having to make multiple copies of the same file. Even the command line is supposed to be revamped (MSH, codenamed "Monad"). Just something to look forward to. ;)

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