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PAL A Problem Standard?


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Hey All

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend regarding the NTSC to PAL issues. She claimed that she could hear the difference in audio with dvd tv series in the region 2 format. This is to do with the difference in frames per second between NTSC and PAL.
Is this a real issue? Should us guys from Europe be looking to buy region 1 dvds instead to avoid these issues, or are they properly converted?
I was not really to concerned with this until I noticed a feature in WinDVD called PALtruspeed which is meant to slow the dvd playback down by approximately 4% (so they claim) to fix the supposed issue

Does anybody know about this? Or have any more information?



I'm sorry Hal...
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I know several people who claim to hear the speedup in R2 PAL, and be really bugged by it at times. I buy a lot of R1 & R2 DVD's and have never had a problem with speedup in sound or picture (of course some DVD's are properly corrected like LotR)


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I have never noticed the problem either I was wondering if its that common or one of these this like audiophiles on high bitrate mp3s vs audio cds


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Great read falconguard added to your rep for this :)

So as far as I can tell with movies you should usually always go for PAL, as you should get the best looking picture (with everything else extras etc being equal)

As far as video i.e. TV series you should go for the original format it was videoed in, e.g. English comedy PAL, American shows NTSC

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