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Paintshop pro 9 problems

HI,been using psp9 for a while now,but all of a sudden when i double click on a picture file,psp9 starts up but i get an error message saying windows cannot find the path for the file,please make sure the path is correct.This happens all the time now,the only way i can open picture files is by opening psp9 and manual opening it from there.Any ideas anyone,as its really getting to me.Tryed reinstalling it,but the same problem.Im running xp pro all up to date.Many thanks.:cry: :cry:


Beware the G-Man
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Check the file association in the file's properties. Also check the file association within PaintShop Pro to see if anything is screwy. That's all I can think of for now. Maybe later when I'm at home. I'm using PaintShop Pro 10 now so I haven't use 9 in a bit. But I still have it installed on one of my Daughter's machines, so I'll check on it.

American Zombie

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If you have not done so already try resetting everything back to defaults.

File > Preferences > Reset Preferences

Check the boxes (I would do all) for what you want to reset.

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