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Pain Killer

So did anyone pick this up?

How is the single player mode and multiplayer mode?

Visuals and sounds?

I read some reviews but rather know form a fellow OSNN member what they think. I am debating buying this game or Far cry.


WinTMBG Professional
We loaded up this game on a PC at work. It's a hoot! Pretty single-minded, but good fun!

Visuals are amazing, so long as your hardware supports it.


Electronic Punk

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I liked the first demo alot, teh second less so.
But once I get gaming again I will be sure to check it out.

May checkout Manhunt on the xbox in the meantime.
If you are choosing between Painkiller and Far Cry, it shouldn't even be a contest. Painkiller will probably be a fun multiplayer game, but the singleplayer experience is mind-numbingly monotonous. Even when you play a single-player game of UT 2004, the bots at least make an attempt at being realistic. In Painkiller they just run at you straight on, guns blazing.

Definitely Far Cry.

Electronic Punk

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New addon is out, still in the orphanage myself.

New cutscenes are just crap this time around. In the original I was very impressed by the cutscenes, in this release they are out of sync, look crap and I eventually just watched TV until it ahd finished. Sad really.

The cutscenes were amazing in the original and this just gave me a negative outlook on the game before I even started playing.


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I'm with unwonted on this, between Painkiller and far cry, no contest, go for Far cry. I played pain killer for about an hour when it first came out and havn't touched it since. The entire game was basically:
1. Move into area
2. Sit in one spot and kill all the bad guys as they came running towards you
3. collect ammo and kill the odd baddie that you missed
4. move to next area.
Needless to say I got bored pretty quick. Far Cry on the other hand I found to be a good challenge, especially the later stages, and you actually have to think things through and use some stratagy to get through it.

Just MHO
It's pretty weak on plot/single player play, but the action is really fun, especially when you get the stake gun thingy. You can literally nail enemies to walls.


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Yeah agree, FarCry is much better. The new expansion pack has some really creepy scenes and visuals, and is a great expansion, but OMFG those intro and outro movies are complete rubbish. the only complaint I have is w/ the two movies. Otherwise, if you liked the first one, you should love Battle Out of Hell. The funny thing is, I stopped playing to play Half Life 2, then went back to HL 2, and now I keep trying to bunny-hop.


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Sure it's great if all you want to do is shoot things and it does have some cool weapons, like the painkiller, but if you actually want something with some substance, Painkiller's not it. Great for some mindless frustration venting, but that's about it.
I dont know what you guys are thinking. I have both games and i am a very heavy pc gamer. FarCry was good about 1/3rd the game then it sucked. Painkiller A.I. is weak but still fun to play. But what really shines in a game is the multiplayer aspect. If you want more vaule for your dollar your pick up painkiller. Painkiller has a very wonderful multiplayer game if you have the dedicated to get better at it. FarCry doesnt take much to get bored of in the multiplayer. I would say get PainKiller over farcry. Oh ya watch my way to the top in PainKiller this upcoming CAL season. #fragonline

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