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pain help :)


Dabba Dooba
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Hey anybody have any ideas beside go to the doctors to help the pain of my shoulder? I took a vicodin but it didnt help and ibu profin but nothin there either. I have a heat pad on it now and if i press it hard on it, it feels good. If it dont get better in the next few days i am gonna have it checked out.


Act your wage.
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A) Knock yourself out.
B) Break your leg to take your mind off of the shoulder.
C) Amputation.

This is all I've got since I can't think of anything else!


WinTMBG Professional
Look up a good licensed massage therapist. A lot cheaper than a doctor visit and it can do wonders for soreness. I'm lucky that my fiancee's mom is one. :D



Dabba Dooba
Political User
i wont let anybody touch me there right now. I mena holy crap if i push my shoulded in or anything it hurts like oprah smushing my weiner.
A good technique I've found that works is a slight modification of a chakra mediation, find a comfortable chair with a sturdy backing and just sit and relax.

Next take a moment to understand where you’re interpretation of your 'self' is. Is it in your head? In your heart? Why couldn't your 'self' be in your left big toe? Try to see yourself as being centralized in your left big toe.

Next thing is to move yourself to the spot that the pain seems to be coming from, try to feel where the pain is exactly and what is causing it. Visualize your body's mechanisms healing that spot, rushing to the center of your being and revitalizing the damaged tissue, like a golden light bathing the whole arm and travelling to the rest of your body, relaxing it, healing.

Notice your breathing, start to take deep breaths, expand your chest and exhale deeply.

Feeling better?

I hope this helps you; it works will for my aches and pains.


WinTMBG Professional
I almost forgot...this technique always works for me when I can't afford a doctor...

Stand in the middle of the room, or outside next to your house.

Next, pause for half a second to think about how much you really, really, really wish your arm didn't hurt anymore.

Then, move yourself at a rapid pace towards the nearest wall. I've found that running at top speed works real well. After you get there, slam your shoulder into the wall with as much force as you can muster. Expect to black out for an hour or so, that's normal. It's just, y'know, your body healing itself and all that.

After you come to, your arm should be all better!

.....or you may need to go to the ER. Either, way, your arm will get fixed, no doubt about it! Hope I helped! :D


Son Goku

No lover of dogma
One thing is for certain, if vicodin doesn't do much (dun want to ask where you might have gotten that if not from a doctor...OK could be old prescription), I wouldn't go pumping pain releivers. Over the counter stuff by it's very nature won't be as powerful. Arudis KT (ketoprofin) seems to be a bit more potent then ibuprofin though (from my experience).

In the end, you might be well to see a doctor. Depends how this goes... There might be a real injury there, or it might be a muscle spasm or something. Over the Internet, one can't nessecarily say what the cause is...
Seeing as both gonaads and I have mentioned a torn rotator cuff, I would go see a doctor soon before there is permanant damager.

For Oxycontin damn good...

Or just twist one up.
So what did you do to hurt your shoulder. It could also be a seperated AC joint. About a year ago I layed my bike down and landed on my shoulder. Pushing down on it helped alot but nothing else really worked. I had to go through about 6 weeks of therapy for it. I recommend going to the doctor as well.


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Dude, better go to the doctor. I have a friend who walked around for a week with a broken collarbone from a bike accident very similar to yours.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
well...today its really hurting. Even if i dont move the arm and i try to get up or somethin it hurts just as much as it did when i crashed. I called my mom at work and she is takin me to the doctor in about 2 hours so i will tell u all what is wrong. But man today it took me 30 min to take a shower and 5 min to put my shirt on its very sad.

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