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Paging file on game hard drive



I have been reading up in the forum on the best setup for my paging file, and I am considering creating a new partition on my second hard drive to put the page file onto. My first hard drive has windows on it, so i want to put the page file on the second because it is also a faster hard drive. My question is is will this slow my games down at all? All of my games are on this drive, and I don't want them to suffer. Or will my games perform better? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Your games shouldn't be affected, at least not much. While the game is running it is rare that it accesses the drive at all (3D shooters don't afaik) unless it's loading a new level. The paging in Windows will be faster however.


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In therory the only possible slowdown is when the game has to precache when its loading as the data is travelling both ways to the same disk ...... BUT this is still quicker than the pagefile being on the same disk as XP because of all the extra activity that comes from the OS itself.

Using VM in games is a poor excuse for RAM so it needs to be in the fastest place possible. That would be the first partition on a seperate disk.



so therefore it might be best to create a small partition on the 2nd hdd FIRST for the VM, then the 2nd partition will be for games etc :)

that would ensure the pagefile is nearest the centre of the disk - which is the quickest, most accessible point.

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