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This is a problem I can't fix. It was a friends computer & he didn't have the patience to wait for an answer. I'm asking this for future reference.

Anyway I was setting his system up as a dual boot with xp. Loaded both partitions & all seemed OK. Now it was time to xcopy his C drive. Fired up xcopy while booted in the D drive & straight away got a sharing violation of the pagefile on his C drive. This shouldn't happen. That's why you dual boot so you can use xcopy this way.

Here's the weird thing. Unhide the system files on D drive & there is no pagefile file. Possibly that's why it was seeing the one on the C drive. What went wrong? Why didn't the operating system on D drive have it's own pagefile?

Only thing that went a bit astray during the installation of D drive was that while I was out of the room the installation rebooted & my friend hit 'boot from CD' when it started to load again instead of leaving the thing alone. From that point we had to start the installaion again but as I said, it seemed to go OK.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
This was all happening after both xp's were freshly installed. No tweaking....honest. :D

The pagefile on D was missing, not there. It was somehow reading the C pagefile & was giving a sharing violation of the pagefile because we were trying to xcopy it.

Booting into C & xcopying D worked OK but not from D xcopying C.


Try going into System > Advanced tab > Under performance click the settings button > Advanced tab > Under Virtual memory click the change button > Now here you should se the C drive and D drive, it should say that D has a paging file and C does not according to your problem, try turning off the paging file for D and on for C. If it says that C has a paging file already, then disable it, restart, then re enable it on C. I hope this works.

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